Features: or what you get
Choose from 48 countries
Outbyte VPN connects you through servers that are safe and reliable. They never store IP addresses or keep any logs. All of these servers support the most common protocols, such as HTTP Proxy, OpenVPN, Obfuscation, Smart DNS and SSH SOCKS. Since we ensure fastest ping times and the absolute best server locations, you are sure to find a nearby server that’s fast and reliable.
No-logging policy
We don’t log any of your data when you use Outbyte VPN. Here is just a brief overview of things that may be logged by other VPNs and are NOT logged by Outbyte: IP Address NOT logged; connection timestamp NOT logged; disconnect timestamp NOT logged; data volume NOT logged; DNS requests NOT logged. What you do while connected through Outbyte VPN is nobody else’s business but yours.
Lift location restrictions
Many countries and regions around the world may censor web traffic and restrict access to websites. This includes the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the USA, East Asia, Central Asia, The Middle East/North Africa, Australia and many others. Outbyte VPN gives you the freedom to choose where to go on the web and the ability to visit restricted websites in any region or country. And with the Stealth VPN feature (obfuscation) you can bypass the toughest restrictions.
Choose the level of protection
Depending on your needs, you may value top encryption over connection speed, or vice versa. We let you find the right balance between the two by choosing the perfect level of protection for your web traffic while getting the best speed possible. Outbyte VPN has been tried and tested by the VPN experts at VPN Watch. With its security features, it has managed to secure a spot as one of today's top 10 VPNs.